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2022 Activities

Welcome to the Activities Page – we have so many activities planned for this year. Check out the descriptions below for the 2022 Quilt Challenges, the 2022 UFO Challenge, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, the Star Block Quilt Project, Charm Square Swap, Birthday Fabric Raffle, Quilter’s Pal, Block of the Month Project, “12 Months of Mugs” and a new activity for 2022 called Share Your Skill. All patterns and instructions can be found as attachments to the monthly newsletter, as well as on the Facebook page (Wildflower Quilt Guild | Facebook) and the guild website. (Wildflower Quilt Guild). Look for the activity tables on the lefthand side of the room during the guild meetings.


Denise Farquhar – Coordinator


  1. The project must be completed (quilted and bound) before the November 2022 guild meeting.
  2. The project must not have been started before January 1, 2022.
  3. The project must not have won a prize in any other contest or quilt show during the year.
  4. Projects can be shared at ”Show and Tell” throughout the year.

Challenge quilt judging will occur at the November 2022 guild meeting

Size – No larger than 60x60 and no smaller than 30x30 completed. Anything smaller can be entered in the Mini Quilt challenge.

Theme – Let your imagination be your guide!

Technique – Anything “non-traditional”

Art Quilt

Size – No larger than 60x60 and no smaller than 30x30 completed. Anything smaller can be entered in the Mini Quilt challenge.

Theme – Let your imagination be your guide!

Technique – Anything “non-traditional”

Mini Quilt

Size – No larger than 20x20 completed. Individual blocks should be no larger than 6” square.

Technique – Anything traditional (patchwork blocks, applique blocks, paper pieced blocks, or hexagon blocks just to name a few)

Theme – Anything your heart desires!

Row by Row Quilt

Size – No maximum size limit and no smaller than 36x36 completed. Anything smaller can be entered in the Mini Quilt challenge.

Technique – Each row must consist of different blocks or techniques. The borders are considered additional rows.


Sampler Quilt

Size – No maximum size limit and no smaller than 36x36 completed. Anything smaller can be entered in the Mini Quilt challenge

Technique – Traditional blocks (patchwork blocks, applique blocks, paper pieced blocks, hexagon blocks just to name a few)


UFO Challenge for 2022

Denise Farquhar – Coordinator

We all have Unfinished Projects / Objects – UFOs in our sewing room. This year we want to encourage everyone to complete some of those UFOs. We will have a UFO Contest again this year with the judging being at our November meeting.

Here are the rules:

  1. You may enter as many projects as you wish
  2. Any project that includes the use of fabric counts
  3. The project must have been started before December 31, 2021
  4. The project must be “finished” and ready to use
  5. You may show the projects at any monthly “Show and Tell” before November 2022
  6. You must include a card attached to your project that tells the story of the project.
  7. The card must include
    1. Picture of the project before you begin; in all of its “unfinished” glory.
    2. The date you originally began the project and the date you completed it
    3. The project’s story – why you started the project and why you didn’t finish it at the time
    4. Please include your name on the BACK of the card

We will let the membership vote on their favorite project at the October guild meeting. Projects will be competing for:

  1. Oldest / longest lasting project
  2. The most improved project / the one needing the most work
  3. The most complicated project / difficulty of the project
  4. Fan favorite (voting)


Cindy Moore – Coordinator

Online resource - www.soscrappy.com

The RAINBOW SCRAP CHALLENGE is a fantastic way to use up your scraps! If you are new to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. The idea is simple. Each month, Kathy from So Scrappy, will announce a new color . You will collect together all the scraps that you can find of the assigned color and create some quilt blocks. The rules of the challenge are so simple and easy - you can make any size block you choose and any block design you choose. Just use up those colorful scraps! Some people choose to create one specific block each month, while others choose to create different blocks. The choice is yours! Check out the So Scrappy website for ideas from other RSC quilters.

What can you use these “rainbow” blocks for?

  1. You can keep the blocks for yourself
  2. Make them into donation quilts
  3. Donate them to the Wee Care Bee to make into donation quilts
  4. Donate them to the Quilt Show Boutique.

At the end of the year, we encourage you to put your RSC blocks together to create a rainbow quilt. We will share these “rainbow masterpieces” at our April guild meeting the following year.


Completed Projects from RSC 2022

Due April 2023

  Green (but not lime)
  Bright or Navy Blue
   Light Blue



By CraftyStaci

This year we will be creating 12 Months of Mugs for our Block of the Month activity. This such a fun project that you can customize anyway you want. I have had several people helping me create sample blocks and I have been assured that IF YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS (LOL) it is very easy and quick to put these blocks together. These are free patterns that you can find on the internet (HERE). You are free to download the patterns before each monthly meeting, but we will be featuring the current month block and the coming month block at our meetings. I will be happy to email the monthly patterns to you, but you can also download them for yourself.

Jan Rogers has been working on this project for several weeks now and has several pieces of advice for those starting this month. Jan says that you can ask her how she knows these are HELPFUL HINTS.

  1. Cut all pieces at one time and label them (especially for the mug handles)
  2. Put all the mug handles together before you start the blocks. Then just attach the handles after you finish the holiday block.
  3. Copy or print the pattern and mark off each step as you go.
  4. Lay out all the pieces before you sew them together.

You have lots of options with these blocks.

  1. You can make them just as they are
  2. You can leave off the handles and just create square holiday blocks
  3. You could add a piece where the mug handle would be and embroidery family birthdays or anniversaries.
  4. I am a big “grid quilter” and I would rather deal with a bunch of half square triangles, than to deal with all these various size pieces. Having said that, I have created a grid pattern for each block. The beauty of using a grid pattern is your squares can be ANY SIZE YOU WANT! I think I will make my blocks using 1” and 2 ½” squares. I will have my examples and patterns for you each month also.

This Block of the Month project will last through December 2022. We will find a time during 2023 for a show and tell of all of our finished creations. Happy quilting and have fun!

Fabric Requirements

General Instructions

Mug Handle Assembly

Embroidery Designs


Denise Farquhar - Coordinator

In hopes of promoting quilting as a hobby, encouraging members to try new techniques, and hoping to offer fellowship with other members, we want to offer a NEW activity. If you have a particular skill or technique that you would be willing to share/instruct, please let Denise know and she will help you organize it.

Current List of Skills Being Offered

Denise Farquhar

Fusible Grid Quilting

Kathy Greene

Freezer Paper Applique


Accurate 1/4" Seams

Beginner Machine Quilting

English Paper Piecing

Paper Foundation Piecing

Cindy Moore

String Quilts

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Denise Farquhar
  Fusible Grid Quilting
Kathy Greene
  Freezer Paper Applique
  Quilt Construction
  Accurate 1/4" Seams
  Beginner Machine Quilting
  English Paper Piecing
  Paper Foundation Piecing
Cindy Moore
  String Quilts
Sarah Dauro
  Bag Making


Denise Farquhar – Coordinator

This is a fun “star” sampler quilt we started in April of 2021. We will continue into 2022 until we have completed 12 blocks.

Here are the requirements for the project. I will present a “new” star block at each meeting you can find the instructions for that star in our various media sources.


1. Attached to the newsletter email

2. Download it from the guild’s webpage (Wildflower Quilt Guild)

3. Download it from the guild’s Facebook page (Wildflower Quilt Guild | Facebook).

Free patterns are available on the table from previous months. Help yourself.

Quilt Size

(12) “star” blocks plus any sashing or borders you wish to include.

Block Size

9” blocks finished.

Block Design

Any “star” block pattern you wish to include.

Monthly Star Designs

I will have a different star pattern available for you to pick up if you wish. You are free to use this design, but it’s NOT required.

Completion Due Date

We will share the finished projects at the June meeting 2022.

 Star Block Pattern
April 2021
 May 2021
 June 2021
 July 2021
 August 2021
 September 2021
 October 2021
 November 2021
 December 2021
 January 2022
 February 2022
 March 2022


Renee Owens & Pam South – Co-Coordinators

Guidelines for Charm Square Swap

Every month, or any months you want to participate, bring (24) 5” squares in a plastic bag with your name on the front. These may be the same fabric or different fabrics. During the meeting we will mix up the squares with others that brought squares. After the meeting pick up your bag to take home (24) new charm squares.

Each month will have a new Charm Square Theme as shown below:

 Polka Dots
 Black & White
 Farm Animals
 (no swap)


Lea Ann Schnack – Coordinator

This is a great way to clean out your stash of unwanted fabric, so you have more room for fabric that is new to you. It is also a great way to “win” new fabric at our monthly guild giveaway.

There are three (3) ways to win this fabric at the guild meetings.

Members who bring in fabric for this drawing, will get to put their name in for a chance to win.

Those having a birthday that month will have their name put into a separate drawing.

Anyone can purchase a chance to win for $0.25. There is no limit on the number of chances you may purchase, but each person can win only two (2) prizes at each meeting.

Any member who wants to contribute please bring items listed below in good quality quilting fabric.

Please place loose fabric, listed below in a quart size labeled baggies.

1 Panel piece (in baggie)

2 Fat quarters (in baggie)

½ yard of fabric (in baggie)

1 yd. spaced-out prints (in baggie)

2.5” Charm Square Pack

10” Layer Cake

5” Charm Square Pack

1 Jelly Roll

If you don’t have a baggie at home no problem, we will have some at the meeting. If you are not able to cut down to size no problem, we can take it home & cut it down for next time.


Judy McMahon – Coordinator

Quilter’ Pal is a fun activity that encourages members to get to know each other better. At the October and November guild meetings participants complete questionnaires and turn them in for the December drawing.

At the December meeting participants draw for their secret Quilter’s Pal. Every month you bring a fun gift for your Quilter’s Pal and your Pal will bring a gift for you. Place your gift in the Quilter’s Pal area, and try not to “get caught” by your Pal.

Your identity is kept secret until the Christmas party. This is the most fun meeting of the year, and part of the fun is revealing yourself to your Quilter’s Pal. You deliver your Christmas present in person to your Quilter’s Pal. It is customary to have a small thank you gift for the person who has given you the wonderful gifts all year.

As you are running around and shopping throughout the year, remember your Quilter’s Pal and pick up anything cute you might find.

Please stick to the recommended price limits for your gifts.


$10 - $15 for monthly gifts

$20 for the December gift