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May 10, 2022

NOTE: This is one week earlier than our regular meeting date.


Modern Mariner’s Compass – Strip Pieced!

Robin will give a detailed overview of the modern technique and projects using Robin Ruth Design’s system of rulers, books, and patterns for STRIP PIECED mariner’s compass blocks and variations. Robin will share how she is bringing the mariner’s compass block into the 21st century with her modern technique and projects for how you can create your own modern mariner’s compass project. See lots of quilts and get inspired to give this new method a try!

May 11, 2022


Strip Pieced Mariner’s Compass Basics Workshop 

Have you ever wanted to make a Mariner’s Compass block but were too intimidated?  Not a fan of paper piecing or using tedious templates?  You’ll love this class for learning how to make 16-point compass blocks in 16 different sizes using Robin Ruth Design’s rulers and strip-piecing method!  Join Robin and learn all the compass basics for making either a Skinny Robin or Fat Robin mariner’s compass block. Once you learn how to use my rulers and strip-piecing technique, you will be free to move on to one of the many patterns and projects made using this ruler system!

This workshop will be held at Covenant Lutheran Church,  4202 Hickory Road in Temple. 

June 21, 2022


Appraisals: What, Why and How

Marcia Kaylakie of Turkey Creek Quilts LLC is an experienced, professional appraiser of quilts and other textiles, certified by the American Quilter's Society in appraising quilts and quilted textiles, member of the International Society of Appraisers since 2010, and experienced quilt show judge, historical lecturer, researcher and author of the award-winning book Texas Quilts and Quilters: A Lone Star Legacy, TTUP, 2007

June 22, 2022
9:30 am - 3:30 pm


Curvy Tulip with Stacy Clady

Since the show theme is "Crazy for Curves", Stacy was asked for a workshop on sewing curves. Curvy Tulip fits the bill!! It's made using the Mini Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful. We will have some rulers there you can use if you don't have one.

Guild members only 

Workshop fee - $10 (plus $3 convenience fee if registering online)

Register below or directly with Stacy

July 19, 2022


Angela Ragan w/PhD Quilts in Waco - What’s new from Spring Market

Where Projects Half Done become quilts, and friends become family. We carry a full range of sewing machines, quilting fabric, quality threads and a full line of Kimberbell Products to complete your machine embroidery projects. We are located near you in the Heart of Texas! Come and see us for all of your sewing and quilting, arts and crafts needs. We have what you need to complete all of your sewing projects and your Projects Half Done!

July 20, 2022


Inktense Coloring with Cindy Petersen

Cindy will teach us how to use the Inktense colored pencils so we can try and make a beautiful quilt like she did in our last show. Her inktense colored and embroidery quilt won 3rd place in the Embroidery category and received a Wildflower Award.

This members only workshop will be held at Covenant Lutheran Church,  4202 Hickory Road in Temple. 

Cost: $30 for guild members

Aug. 16, 2022


Michelle Bailey w/ Poppy’s- T-shirt/Memory Quilts

We are proud to be a franchise of Too Cool T-shirt Quilts here in the Austin, TX area! We offer a full service to turn your t-shirts into a memory to hold onto!

We use different sized blocks to create a unique design for each customer, we do not use any type of backing on the shirts (to keep them soft and less stiff), we custom quilt each T-shirt quilt, AND our location ONLY offers the option to use Minky fabric on the back of your quilt to make it even more soft and comfy!

Aug. 17th & Aug. 18th, 2022


Too Cool Style T-shirt Quilt

Create your own Too Cool T-Shirt Quilt in this 2-day class.

Sept. 20, 2022


Ginny Eckley – Fabric Painting

My passion for art is fueled by my love of nature. Through my art, I challenge myself
to learn new things, both artistic and academic. After researching the endangered
birds of Hawaii, I focused on birds of New Guinea. There, the Bird of Paradise species
are thriving, as efforts are made to protect them.

I enjoy sharing my skills and techniques through teaching. I teach both in my studio,
and venues, such as the International Quilt Festival. I have been fortunate to have
taught in several cities throughout Japan.

Sept. 21, 2022


Color your Stash!

Always wanted to try fabric painting? Brush paint over white, colored and

printed fabrics, layering colors. Add images using silk-screens. Fast and

fun, learn how to transform fabrics easily. Bring your silks, and we’ll dye

them. You won’t recognize your outdated collection

Color your Stash!

This workshop will be held at Covenant Lutheran Church,  4202 Hickory Road in Temple. 

Oct. 18, 2022


Lynda Eliades on Westalee Rulers

Oct. 19, 2022
9 am - 2 pm


Quilting with Rulers on Your Domestic Machine

Lynda will teach us how to quilt on our domestic machines using the Westalee Rulers.  This class can also be taken by longarmers that might want to practice their ruler work skills.

Cost $40 + $48 ruler foot and $68 ruler set (ruler foot and set can be purchased anywhere)

Nov. 15, 2022


Kathi Dossman and Challenge Quilts

Dec. 13, 2022


Christmas Party

Please note that this is one week earlier than the normal meeting date.